I started shooting handguns at the age of 10 beginning with recreational shooting and then competing in bullseye type competitions.  I shot at Camp Perry NRA pistol championships when I was 11 and 12.  Shortly after that I began getting into USPSA through local clubs.  

After many years of shooting in the open division in 2013 I decided to switch to single stack division.  With that decision I looked at several holsters and decided I was not happy with what was available for the prices they were asking.  I sat and looked at some holsters and realized, I can do that.  So with that thought Red Hill Training took a new turn of events.  We began selling holsters on eBay and locally to friends.  

During late 2014 and early 2015 we saw a huge growth and have had many people ask us to make more options.  As we continue to expand we switched to Red Hill Tactical as the sales overtook the training portion of the business.  We needed a new webstore to meet the growing demands of our customers.  

In 2015 we developed the Double Layer Holster that has become a huge success.  Aditionally we became a dealer for Double Alpha, Springer Precision, and JP Rifles.  2016 led us to a record growth year, we continued to develop new products including Level 2 holsters for 3-gun shooters.

In 2017 we became more engaged in sponsoring major matches including the USPSA Nationals, and many area matches.  We launched a few new products including Shotgun Mag Pouches, 3-Gun Holsters, and PCC Mag Pouches.  We also added product lines from Shooting Sports Innovations to our growing line up.  

2018 became another banner year for us at RHT.  We attended our first SHOT show as an exhibitor in the Next Pavilion.  We are now looking to move into the tactical market also, and expanding our 3 gun line up.  We currently sponsor over 70 shooters and have a team of over 20 shooters that actively promote our products as well as other major supporters.    

2019 We became a vendor on the main floor of SHOT Show.  We met with hundreds of great folks including shooters and stores.  We had one of our Sponsored Shooters take on the role of becoming the distributor for RHT on Amazon and Amazon Prime.  We expanded our shooting team to almost 100 shooters and developed a reward program for them.  We continued to expand our product line now including some of the finest knives made in the United States including Medford, Microtech, Spartan, Dwyer Custom, and others.  

June 8, 2019 we opened our official RHT storefront just under 1 mile from our house.  This will become the go-to spot for people looking for Competition Gear or High-End pocket knives.  It is located in a restored Milk Processing plant that was part of the original farming property in the area.  

July 1, 2019 We signed a contract with USPSA to become the official vendor of USPSA merchandise.  Our Website became host to all things USPSA including Nationals Clothing.  
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